Can children participate in Bright Line Eating?

Bright Line Eating is only for people who personally feel drawn to this way of living. We strongly caution parents against pushing their children to do Bright Line Eating. (For that matter, we discourage spouses from pushing their spouses, children from pushing their parents, roommates from pushing their roommates, and so forth.) We “keep our eyes on our own plate.” Children who are old enough to decide for themselves, have voluntarily expressed a strong desire to do it, and have their pediatrician’s support and supervision, are welcome in our community.
For parents who are concerned about their child’s eating or weight, we suggest the book Your Child’s Weight: Helping Without Harming, by Ellyn Satter. Please note that she does not believe in food addiction and instead advocates an approach called “Competent Eating,” which includes eating all foods in moderation. For this reason, adults who are high on the Susceptibility Scale may find her approach problematic. But for parents wanting to learn how to feed children, Ellyn Satter’s work is research-based and effective. Susan covers the topic of feeding children, as well as many others, in the video modules included as part of the Bright Line Eating Boot Camp.