Can I have alcohol?

Alcohol is not a Bright Line Eating (BLE) food for two main reasons: First, molecularly speaking, alcohol is precisely and exactly SUGAR, plus an ethanol compound that serves as an inebriant.

Second, the inebriating effect lowers inhibitions, so you have the double-whammy of adding straight sugar to the bloodstream and then whacking on a lowering of inhibitions…this is really, really likely to lead to some bites, licks, and tastes…if not a full-out binge.

I guess there’s a third reason, too, which is that underneath everything, the BLE way is the way of mental clarity, spiritual connection, physical health, and emotional sobriety. I think drinking alcohol runs counter to all those, especially for those on the higher end of the Susceptibility Scale. Probing deeper into why you might be feeling drawn to include alcohol in your dining, vacation, or social plans may net you some interesting moments of awareness. I bet there’s some ripe journaling material there.