Can I have cheese?

2 oz. of cheese counts as a protein serving for women, and 3 oz. counts as a protein serving for men. 1 oz. of cheese is considered a fat serving for both men and women. Proceed with caution, though. When digested, the protein in cheese creates casomorphin, an opium-like compound. It can be decidedly addictive. Because many people can eat cheese without feeling addicted, it’s allowed on the Bright Line Eating food plan, but if you find yourself compelled to use cheese for your fat and/or your protein on a daily or near-daily basis, perhaps consider whether it’s triggering you.

There are at least two outliers. Mascarpone cheese and cream cheese are both “bingey” foods, and we suggest not keeping them in the house. If you are using them, then do so only as a fat serving.

Mascarpone Cheese | 1 oz. = 1 fat serving
Cream Cheese | 1 oz. = 1 fat serving