Can I have soy-free coconut aminos?

Coconut aminos is made from coconut tree sap and is 100% sugar. Since it can be similar to balsamic vinegar with higher sugar content, it may be acceptable as long as it is used appropriately when mixed in with other foods.

We recognize that the amount you will be using is usually quite small. For some, this could prove to be workable. For others who are acutely sensitive, it could prove to be problematic. Proceed with caution.

Here are some things you may want to consider:
1. The higher you are on the Susceptibility Scale, the more problems you may experience with this product.
2. Consider holding off usage until you have achieved automaticity with your Bright Line Eating food plan.
3. If you decide to try it, please do so with accountability in place: i.e., planned and committed and in consultation with your Mastermind Group, buddies, and/or BLE coach.

You may monitor your response to this potentially tricky food substance by applying the Four Questions (PHEW: Peace, Health, Escalating, Weight).
1. Do I have peace?
2. Is the food healthy?
3. Is my usage of this food escalating?
4. How is my weight with this food?