Can I have white potatoes?

I rarely eat potatoes at breakfast when I’m at home. (Maybe once or twice a year.) I do sometimes get them when I’m out to eat, as breakfast potatoes are rather ubiquitous. I think that white potatoes can be a slippery, tricky beast. They are processed in the body similarly to sugar and flour, so during the early stages of weight loss when your brain is healing, I would recommend avoiding them altogether. The shredded potato waffle iron link I’ve seen floating around is indeed BLE compliant, as there are no ingredients other than potatoes and potatoes are counted as a grain. So feel free to experiment with weighed and measured quantities of that recipe according to whatever food plan you’re on…but this is definitely a “buyer beware” situation, meaning there’s risk in eating something so powerfully high glycemic, especially at first.

Later on, when your brain feels steady, you could experiment with this using the Four Questions.