Can I use Wrawp raw food wraps?

The “Savory Variety” of Wrawp raw food wraps measure 7.5 inches by 7 inches and should count as 5 oz. of food, including some protein, some vegetables, and some fruit (if there’s fruit in the meal—or not, if not). For example, the wrap could count as 2 oz. of hummus, 2 oz. of vegetables, and 1 oz. of fruit for a lunch meal, and all together, a person would eat:

2 oz. of hummus
3 oz. of carrots
5 oz. of fruit
2 oz. avocado (for fat)
1 wrap

It’s complicated, but once you master the quantities, it should work.

If you prefer to standardize it, it could just count as 2 oz. of protein and 3 oz. of vegetables.