Can we have Greek yogurt as a fat serving?

Yogurt, of course, is normally thought of and used in Bright Line Eating as a protein serving. Greek yogurt does not really measure up in fat content to something like a regular serving of olive oil. It falls short, containing about half the amount of grams of fat that a serving of olive oil has if you use full-fat Greek yogurt. If you did use full-fat Greek yogurt as a fat serving, it would be a low-fat choice. If you have an occasion where you would like to use 4 oz. of full-fat Greek yogurt as your fat serving, you can absolutely do that. If you find yourself choosing this as a fat serving with regularity, please be aware there may be better choices. For our purposes in Bright Line Eating, we are leaving Greek yogurt (full-fat, low-fat, or 2%) in the primary category of a protein serving.