Can we have sushi in Bright Line Eating?

Sushi is a tricky food to have on Bright Line Eating. It’s fine if you make it at home and you know all the ingredients, but most restaurants put sugar in the rice. You can certainly make it yourself using rice vinegar and leave out the sugar. The rice in your sushi would count towards your grain serving for any meal on the Maintenance Food Plan or towards your grain serving at breakfast on the Weight-Loss Food Plan.

If you’re ordering sushi at a Japanese restaurant WITHOUT RICE, that may work as long as you skip the sugary sauces. Vegetable teppanyaki, which is cooked vegetables in a teppan, is Bright Line Eating compliant (just confirm that no sugar has been added). Some people also order sashimi (which has no rice), a salad, and a side of steamed vegetables. There are numerous BLE-friendly options you can order at a Japanese restaurant.