Could this eating plan affect how my medications work?

Definitely. You’ll want to work with your doctor very closely through all phases of your Bright Line Eating transformation. You may need an adjustment in your medications as quickly as 1-2 weeks into the program. It may take several weeks longer, but typically medications need to be adjusted rapidly and regularly when someone is doing Bright Line Eating. This is not a promise, just a prediction borne from years of experience. Of the several hundred people I know who have been doing Bright Line Eating for years, only two still need to be on any kind of blood pressure or cholesterol medication. And a very large percentage have found they can successfully get off their antidepressant medications, too. Once again, this is not a promise. Please work with your doctor while you’re on this program. You don’t want to be over-medicating yourself, nor do you want to wean off medications if it’s ill-advised.