Do I have an Eating Disorder?

Disorders of all kinds fall along a continuum. It’s rarely a “yes/no” kind of thing…it’s a matter of degree. The three criteria I find most helpful are:

DEVIANCE | Does the behavior deviate from what society finds normal or average? (This alone isn’t enough for a diagnosis, or Einstein and Michael Jordan would be disordered.) But if you’re throwing up in public restrooms, this would count as “deviant” behavior, as most people do not exhibit it.

DYSFUNCTION | Is your health, work, or home life disrupted by the behavior, and/or are you unable to maintain friendships, hold a job, pursue hobbies, etc.?

DISTRESS | Are you experiencing significant inner turmoil, self-hatred, or general internal unrest because of the behavior?

If you’re even asking the question of whether or not you have an eating disorder, it’s worth getting checked out. Perhaps start by talking with your general practitioner, or schedule an appointment with a therapist or counselor to get some support.

Orthorexia VS. Bright Line Eating