Does the Boot Camp only help people with overeating, or will it help people who have eating disorders as well?

It depends on the person, the eating disorder, and the severity of symptoms. Someone with severe anorexia is likely not a good candidate for Bright Line Eating. We do have a few people in our community for whom restriction was their primary go-to behavior, and who have found freedom and health through Bright Line Eating.

If someone with anorexia has a background of binging and, at one time, was overweight, then Bright Line Eating might work for them, provided they feel drawn to this approach, their doctor is on board, and they are very willing to recover. Generally, though, someone with Anorexia has too many “bright lines” already and will do better with a different style of approach.
People with bulimia and binge eating disorder are relatively common in Bright Line Eating (Susan herself had both disorders), and are good candidates for the freedom that’s on offer here. For those who have a history of bulimia, we add a 5th Bright Line of “no purging.” We recommend those with eating disorders work with their doctor and/or treatment team to come up with a plan that works for them. Bright Line Eating is only likely to be a helpful and effective approach if the individual is very aligned with its philosophy, and their doctor and/or treatment team are supportive of the program.