Does the no-sugar rule mean that Asian restaurant dishes with sugar in their sauces are out of bounds?

I go to plenty of Asian restaurants. And yes, some of them do use a lot of sugar. For restaurants I’m familiar with, I avoid the sweet dishes, or I order my dish with no sugar added. They’ll usually do that. If I’m in an unfamiliar restaurant, I ask what’s sweet and what’s not. Or I order, “…with no sugar, please.” It works just fine. I go to a Thai restaurant all the time and order a vegetable/tofu dish with lots of ginger and a lovely sauce. I suspect there’s a tiny amount of sugar in it, but not much. I put that in the “no sugar in the first 3 ingredients is okay” category. I can tell if it “lights me up” and if it does, I avoid it. Most Asian places are fine. For example, the typical “brown sauce” in a Chinese restaurant is fine. Japanese restaurants use more sugar than most, but with careful ordering it’s possible to eat there too.