How can the same food plan be appropriate for everyone? Shouldn’t the amounts be based on people’s age, gender, activity level, and height?

The weight loss food plan varies by gender—men get more protein than women. There is ample opportunity to add denser foods and variety to the food plan should you decide that’s what you need. Other than that, it’s the same no matter the person’s age, size, or activity level. This is completely fine. It’s a plan that results in fairly rapid weight loss for everyone. But, of course, people’s basal metabolic rates do differ, so some people shed pounds even more quickly on the weight loss food plan than others.

The Bright Line Eating food plan becomes individually tailored when goal weight is reached. To incorporate a maintenance food plan, more food is added gradually until weight loss comes to a halt and a slender body size is maintained. People with faster metabolisms will end up adding much more food to achieve this balance point, so different individuals end up with different (sometimes dramatically different) maintenance food plans. It’s also worth noting that, even for the same person, the maintenance food plan will need to be adjusted from time to time, as the body’s metabolism speeds up or slows down based on activity levels, increasing age, seasons, hormonal changes, and many other factors.