Should I change my plan if I’m breastfeeding? Are there specific guidelines for nursing mothers?

Breastfeeding and losing weight is tricky. Since your milk supply is the highest priority, a three-meal maintenance plan is recommended at the outset, with the following additions: an extra grain serving at breakfast, an extra 1/2 grain serving at lunch and dinner, and an added fruit at dinner. You may also add 1 protein and 1 fruit as a fourth meal since milk supply can dip with only three meals. Add a healthy fat to breakfast if you find that your milk supply begins to wane. If you find you are not losing weight, experiment with taking an element out—see how your milk supply responds and what your weight loss is like. Continue in that fashion until you reach a balance.

In general, it is recommended by health practitioners that nursing mothers increase their fluid intake to ensure a full milk supply. Thus, increased fluid intake is a key component in a nursing mother’s Bright Line Eating plan. There’s no single answer to how much food a nursing mom will need, but in general, most women who are breastfeeding need more food to ensure a robust milk supply. Your food intake will need to be adjusted according to the age of your baby and their nursing needs. Nuanced changes can be the norm.