How do I feed my family while doing Bright Line Eating?

Cooking for a family can seem daunting when you’re pursuing a new lifestyle. However, following the Bright Line Eating food plan does not mean you have to cook separate meals for your family. Susan has three little children and a husband, none of whom follow Bright Line Eating (the BLE food plan is not necessarily appropriate for children). She prepares the protein, a big pan of veggies, a large salad, and a pot of a grain. Once she cooks the food and puts it on the table, her job is done. It’s up to her children and husband to take what they want from the meal and eat it. In this way, she avoids fights over food and allows her children and husband to take responsibility for what they put in their mouths.

Susan recommends reading Ellyn Satter’s book, The Secrets of Feeding a Healthy Family. She does not recommend Ms. Satter’s eating advice for adults, as Satter does not believe in food addiction and advocates eating in moderation. Susan covers this topic, as well as many others, in the Bright Line Eating Boot Camp.