How do I handle setbacks and get back to my Bright Lines?

The most important part of any trip across the Bright Lines is what you learn from it.

This binge was worth the lesson.

Bright Line Eating is a SYSTEM.

It all works together.

You need a firm foundation to be successful long term, and it’s a good thing you learned now that you didn’t have all your bricks in place. You can move forward from here and be much stronger for the experience.

Very literally, many thousands of human-years of trial and error have gone into creating the system I’m passing along to you. I didn’t create it. I’m just passing it along (and adding some scientific grounding here and there). There’s wisdom in each part of it. I myself have tried to do it halfway and have experienced the natural consequences of the decision.

Here’s to shoring up the Bright Lines and moving forward stronger for the experience!