How do I update my credit card and/or billing information on file?

The above video is a handy walkthrough of how to update your billing information. You can find written instructions below.

To verify and update your credit card on file for your Bright Line Eating account, please go to the “My Account” website:

You should use the following information to log in:

Username:  [Your BLE Email]
Password:  [Your Custom Password]

On the “My Account” page, you will see the option to “Add a New Credit/Debit Card to Your Account” OR “Update Your Existing Card on File.” Please make sure the billing address your bank has on file is the same as what you enter in your credit card information. Also, please verify the credit card number and expiration date are correct, and that there are enough funds to cover any possible amounts to be deducted. If any of these items are incorrect, future payments will likely decline.

When you update your credit/debit card on file, the card you enter will be set as the default active payment method for all open orders and active subscriptions. Any pending or past due balance(s) will be charged within 24-72 hours of your billing information being updated.

If you have any questions or concerns, please fill out the form here and someone will be in contact shortly.