How does one make 1 oz. of oatmeal?

To make oatmeal, first pick a big wide microwavable bowl and put it on your food scale. Zero it out by pressing “on” or “tare.” Then add the 1 oz. of dried oats. Next, zero it out again by pressing “tare.” Then add about 4 oz. of water, give or take. Add a dash of salt if you like. Stir. Then, microwave for a few minutes. The length of time depends on whether quick oats are being used or something more similar to steel cut oats. 2 minutes should do it for quick oats, so try 2 minutes to start. Then check on it. Oatmeal can boil over, so it’s recommended to use a BIG and a WIDE bowl. Smaller bowls that are narrower at the top almost always create a mess. After 2 minutes, check the oats and if you need to, microwave for longer. If using steel cut oats, it’s recommended to cook them on the stove for a longer period of time to get them soft enough. You can cook a pot of steel cut oats and weigh your oatmeal after it’s cooked. 4 oz. cooked equals a 1 oz. dry serving. NOTE: if you’re using milk, soy milk, almond milk, or something similar for your protein serving, you can cook your oatmeal with it.