How is Bright Line Eating different from FA (Food Addicts Anonymous)?

Generally speaking, FA is a 12-step program that welcomes people who are looking to recover from food addiction. It encourages its members to make use of tools such as finding a sponsor, attending weekly meetings, and involving oneself in outreach calls. It also has specific guidelines regarding access to the program’s food plan. For more detailed information on FA, we recommend you visit their website by CLICKING HERE.

Alternatively, Bright Line Eating focuses on providing an environment where you can sustain weight loss regardless of where you fall on the scale of food addiction or weight struggles. During our eight-week Boot Camp, you will receive weekly video modules that teach you about the science behind food addiction, provide tools and tips on how to best navigate your weight-loss (and maintenance) environment, and show you how to implement the three Bright Lines in your daily life. The modules function as an online course and may be viewed on your own timeline. The videos address eating at restaurants, creating an Emergency Action Plan, how to resume if for any reason you fall off track, and so much more.

Bright Line Eating also conducts weekly live coaching calls. These calls allow you to ask questions and address any challenges you may be experiencing in your Bright Line Eating journey. The coaching calls are always recorded, allowing you to listen to them at times that work best for you.

Additionally, we have an Online Support Community where you can connect with people similar to yourself who are participating in the same Boot Camp. You will also notice there are experienced Bright Line Eaters in the Community who are delighted to offer their loving support, along with experiential wisdom and guidance for the duration of your Boot Camp experience. If you’re stuck at a certain weight, you need guidance with self-acceptance or reviewing your food plan, or you have a question you can’t find an answer to, we also have a Customer Support Team available to help.

Most importantly, your access to your Online Support Commuity peers for ongoing support and enthusiastic cheerleading will remain in place even after you have completed your official Boot Camp experience!