How is the Boot Camp different from the 14-Day Challenge?

Depending on the level of support you are looking for, you might be interested in either the 14-Day Challenge or the Boot Camp.

The 14-Day Challenge is a 2-week program that teaches you all the basics about how to apply the principles of Bright Line Eating and how to incorporate them into your life. On the other hand, the Boot Camp is an 8-week program that dives much deeper into adopting the BLE lifestyle and provides extensive support along the way.

The 14-Day Challenge has daily videos and content which cover the basics of how to get started. The Boot Camp offers weekly educational video modules that include a wealth of information and guidance directly from Susan, as well as tips on how to maneuver everyday situations while staying on track.

Some program elements are only available in the Boot Camp, such as the coaching calls and access to the Online Support Community. Coaching calls occur weekly, each running about 2 hours. These calls provide an opportunity to ask questions and address concerns you may have during your journey. If you are not able to join us live, all calls are recorded for your convenience. In our private Online Support Community, you’ll get to join your very own
“House” or group. In your House, you’ll have the ability to connect with fellow Boot Campers and post questions, comments, pictures, recipes, and much more! The private and supportive environment allows you to participate as much or as little as you’d like, connecting you with people going through the same journey as you.

The Boot Camp also offers many other bonus materials throughout the program.

Many of those who have done both programs say that the 14-Day Challenge is a great introduction to the materials and helps to set you up for success during the more extensive Boot Camp.