I don’t feel free, I just feel overwhelmed! Help!

Not feeling “free” can DEFINITELY be part of the early Bright Line Eating experience.

I felt very, very, very un-free for a long time in the beginning. But I knew the way I used to eat really didn’t work, and I saw the spark of hope in others for whom this was working, so I trusted and trudged forward. I shared my struggles, just as you may already be doing in the Online Support Community. The total focus and all-consuming attention it takes in the beginning to stick to the Bright Lines does indeed smack of a “new obsession” or a new “addiction,” but it’s just what it takes to wire in a whole suite of new habits when you have a LIFETIME of old patterns pulling you back in previous directions. It’s friggin’ hard.

With time it will get easier, as your new way of life becomes more routine. Hang in there, it will get better. I promise.