I have a colonoscopy coming up. What should I do about the drink for the preparation?

Medicines with sugar or artificial sweetener in them generally are not triggering, as our brains are able to relegate the sugar consumption to just that occasion. We have never seen anyone triggered by the colonoscopy preparation solution, so you can go ahead and use what your doctor recommends.
There is, however, a colonoscopy preparation solution that has NO sweetener of any kind. It’s called Golytely (pronounced Go-Lightly) and there are two different kinds: one is artificially sweetened to taste like pineapple and the other is unflavored. You may want to ask your gastroenterologist if you can use it.

Additionally, at each meal in the 1-2 days prior to the procedure, you can have 8 oz. of broth and 4 oz. of white grape or white cranberry juice diluted with 4 oz. water for your “meal.” Between meals, you can have herbal tea and water.