I have an exercise program in place already. I love it and don’t want to give it up. Do I really have to stop exercising to be successful with Bright Line Eating?

If you have an exercise regimen firmly in place already, especially if it’s a habit so automatic that it takes zero willpower to complete your workouts, you can keep exercising while you start Bright Line Eating without sabotaging your success.

However, you may find that you become tired during the weight loss phase of the program, especially in the first 90 days. Easing up on your exercise may be a good idea (either in intensity, frequency, duration, or all three). You’ll be back to killer workouts in no time.

Weight loss is hard on the body. Don’t expect to be able to perform like you used to when you were overloading on fuel. But this phase is temporary and worth it to lose all the fat, so your muscle definition can show!