I have Candida—can I still do Bright Line Eating?

Candida is a fungal infection that can manifest in the mouth, gut, genitals, or even the feet. It’s the most common form of fungal infection worldwide. Yes, you can absolutely do Bright Line Eating with candida. In fact, eliminating sugar and flour is an excellent foundation for reducing inflammation and boosting health—including anti-fungal health. You should definitely consult your doctor for further guidance on treating your candida, but rest assured that doing Bright Line Eating is a great start. Also note that if you do decide to experiment with one of the anti-candida diets on the web, or one recommended by a medical practitioner, so long as you are not eating sugar or flour, are not snacking or grazing between meals, and are finding a way to bound your quantities, you’re still doing Bright Line Eating. You can eliminate more foods than just sugar and flour, and/or change around the quantities and categories of foods on your food plan and see whether it helps your candida. Many medical conditions require such temporary, or even permanent, modifications to the BLE food plan. But rarely (if ever!) does one find a medical practitioner recommending adding sugar, flour, or overeating back into one’s life.