I love going to the movies for the popcorn. Can I have popcorn on BLE?

Popcorn is not a BLE friendly food.

Like potato chips, popcorn falls into a category of, “It’s not sugar or flour, but it’s sugar and flour’s first cousin, and will probably be mean to us like sugar and flour would.”

For me, because I am so high on the Susceptibility Scale, the ramifications of that kind of thinking, and that kind of deviation, are tremendous. I’ve been at this for over 20 years now. The first 8 mostly unsuccessful and the last 12 mostly successful. My brain has been damaged very, very badly by all the binging and relapsing I’ve done over the years. I slide very quickly into dangerous territory. And, more to the point, eating off my plan doesn’t make me HAPPY. It doesn’t do what the image in my mind promises it will do. In my mind, sharing popcorn with my husband and three little kids at the movies is a great time, full of joy and bonding. In reality, it turns into a nightmare of food obsession, cravings, self-recrimination, and feeling out of control. That could happen right at the theater or it may happen a while later, after further deviations I justify because the first one “went so well.” But it never ends well in the end. I’ve proven this to myself over and over and over again.