I purchased Soya Granules and I’m not quite sure how to use them. Any suggestions?

Great question! You can plan to have them for your protein serving at any meal, and you can eat them raw or cooked. The serving size is 2 oz. of soya granules for females, and 3 oz. for males. I usually eat soya granules cooked in my oatmeal for breakfast.

Here’s what I do: for my breakfast meal, I split my protein serving. I have 1 oz. of soya granules along with 4 oz. of soy/almond milk. I weigh out my 1 oz. of oatmeal dry and add 1 oz. of soya granules (dry) into the same bowl. I also add a dash of salt. Then, I add my 4 oz. of soy/almond milk, plus an additional 4 oz. of water, and microwave it for about 4 minutes. It makes a delicious porridge. (NOTE: The general rule of thumb is to add 4 oz. of liquid for every 1 oz. of dry cereal or soya granules being cooked.) I have also sprinkled soya granules onto cooked vegetables or salad. They have a lovely crunchy texture and a nutty flavor. Yum!