I really like nuts. Will they affect my weight loss?

WITHIN Bright Line Eating, nuts are about the densest choice around and will definitely slow, halt, or even reverse weight loss.

Splitting your protein and having 1/4 or 1/2 of the protein serving as nuts, with the rest being something really light like almond milk, is often a sound choice. Or, if your weight loss is stubborn and you want to get back moving in the downward direction, avoid nuts altogether for a while.

Last thought: I’m super glad (and proud) about all the folks who recognize nuts are a potential binge food and are simply avoiding them. I think that’s so wise. For some, nuts are a lovely addition to the BLE plan, and their weight loss proceeds on track without any problems. For others, nuts make losing weight hard. For others yet, nuts would be the end of the end. To thine own self be true!