I struggle in restaurants. Do you have any suggestions?

  1. I think a good strategy for commencing a process of recovery around eating out in restaurants would be to select one or two local places that serve food you feel good about eating. Select what you will order when you go and stick with that every time. Make it like a ritual. Go once or twice a week. Go and order the same thing until it feels as much like a Bright Line Meal as does eating at home.
  2. Then incorporate a new restaurant.
  3. Watch, observe, and do whatever journaling or recovery processes needed to process the past patterns enhanced by eating out, and/or whatever gets triggered as you eat out.
  4. Remember the gift and the opportunity for growth lie in the triggering that happens after the restaurant. Instead of seeing it as a failure and a marker that you’re still sick, dive into it and see what lessons are waiting for you. There’s healing there.

Keep expanding very gradually. You are on the journey! Restaurants will be a part of your life, and at some point you’ll find yourself thinking, “Look at this! I’m eating out with ease! Wow, I remember when I couldn’t do this. My, how I’ve grown.”