If I have a medical condition, can I do Bright Line Eating?

Generally speaking, not eating sugar or flour, eating lots of vegetables, and nourishing the body with three bountiful meals each day is likely to be helpful for most medical conditions. But, of course, I am not a medical doctor, and Bright Line Eating is not a program for diagnosing or treating any diseases or conditions. It’s imperative that you work with your doctor right from the beginning, and follow his or her medical advice as you begin and continue your Bright Line Eating journey.

The food plan can be modified, if needed, to accommodate most medical conditions or circumstances. For example, if someone has recently had bariatric surgery, it may not be comfortable (or even possible) to eat large meals, but breaking the meals in half and having six small meals per day is an option. The Bright Line for meals simply means to eat at mealtime only, and not graze all day long. Having six structured, planned meals is a perfectly acceptable Bright Line plan. I myself adopted a six-meals-a-day food plan when I was pregnant with twins in 2008.

To take another example, people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes may need to have the option of eating a piece of fruit if their blood sugar starts to get low in between meals. While this may not be a pre-planned meal per-se (because it won’t be eaten if blood sugar levels are steady), it can be a meal that’s “planned,” in the sense that it’s a planned action sequence triggered if—and only if—blood sugar drops below a certain level. This is also acceptable.

If all this sounds too rigid, it’s not meant to be. Having boundaries around when and what we eat is the core of the Bright Line Eating approach. For many people, this structure leads to success and freedom.

I can say this: In all my years coaching people in the Bright Line Eating system, I have never come across a medical condition that could not be accommodated. The key is to work with your doctor and figure out a creative way to apply the Bright Lines to your situation.