I’m super busy. Do you have any time-saving tips?

Sure. There are lots of ways to save on time. At first, it may feel really time-consuming to prepare, weigh, and eat meals. Lots of “shopping, chopping, and chewing.” But over time, you’ll learn how to cut corners and make it work. Here are some of the things I do…

I have pretty much the same breakfast every morning. This saves on mental headspace and my mornings become automated. I make use of ready-to-go veggies. My grocery store has fresh green beans and fresh broccoli, for example, in bags that you just pop in the microwave, and they steam up perfectly. So easy! Baby carrots are also an obvious easy choice, as are frozen veggies. (And research shows frozen veggies often have more nutrients than fresh, because they’re frozen right when picked.)

Keep a stash of staples in your cupboards and freezer, so if you run out of fresh ingredients or don’t have time to cook, you can still follow your food plan. Buy cans of fruit (in juice, not syrup)—I don’t actually eat these often at all, but they’re there in a pinch. Keep frozen rice or “Seeds of Change” packets of whole grains on hand. If you eat dairy, mozzarella string cheese sticks are awesome. They’re even pre-weighed for you: one stick is 1 oz.

Keep shredded “Wheat ‘n’ Bran” on hand. It works for a grain in a pinch and travels really well. Whenever you cook, make sure to cook enough for that meal, plus 3-4 more. Store your extras in the fridge and use up for lunches and dinners over the next few days. When you make a salad at dinner, consider making an extra one or two. You already have everything out anyway, so just chop up more and weigh out a second (or third) salad. When you have all your stuff out at dinner, throw some of it in a container for tomorrow’s lunch. Done. Lots of folks I know like to prepare their food for the week in advance. On the weekend, they cook a bunch of stuff in bulk and then eat it up over the week. My version of that is to cook when I cook, but always make lots of extras so I have leftovers on hand always.