I’m worried I will become bored with the same old food over and over—like having a salad every night for dinner. Is this a problem for you?

I know how you feel. I used to worry about the same thing. I thought having a fixed food plan would get really old, really fast. I couldn’t imagine eating the same food, day in and day out. But what I’ve found is this isn’t a problem at all.

First of all, when I’m honest with myself, before I started doing Bright Line Eating, I ate mostly the same foods over and over, they were just less healthy foods. Most people are like this. It’s nearly impossible not to have some amount of habit and routine in place when it comes to food. So Bright Line Eating is not about eating less variety. It’s just about making sure the habits and routines we have when it comes to food support us in living Happy, Thin, and Free.

Second of all, the structure of having specific categories of foods in the food plan (like “vegetables” and “fruits”) actually encourages seeking out variety. I’ve found I naturally start to think, “Hmm…I’ve been eating the same vegetables lately. Time for something different. I think I’ll buy some baby bok choy at the grocery store today and sauté that up. Or maybe some portabella mushrooms and red peppers. Yum.” When I’m eating flour and sugar, I’m naturally pulled back to the same forms of flour and sugar, and my repertoire of food gets very narrow.

Finally, there’s another factor in the mix that keeps the food from getting boring—it’s the fact we only eat three meals a day. This means my body is always truly, physiologically hungry and ready to eat when it’s meal time. It makes the food taste amazing and seem fresh and exciting every time! Before I did Bright Line Eating, I would be eating here and there all day long, so my body never emptied out and got truly hungry. So healthy foods were never satisfying. I needed to eat to get a “fix,” rather than to nourish my body.

For these reasons I’ve found I never get tired of the foods I eat with Bright Line Eating.