Is a Facebook account required for the Online Support Community or Boot Camp?

Our Online Support Communities are currently hosted through Facebook. We chose Facebook because they have an incredibly streamlined, stable platform which has been perfected and refined over the years. Facebook is very user-friendly, available to everyone, and allows participants to participate as much or as little as they wish. That being said, we understand some people are very firm in their resolution to not join Facebook. We want to assure you that although it’s very beneficial, a Facebook account is NOT required to participate in the Boot Camp. Hundreds of people have successfully completed the Boot Camp without a Facebook account. A phone/email list will be compiled (strictly from willing volunteers who decide to participate) for each Boot Camp, and this list can be used to make connections and get support along your journey. You still can get tremendous value from the Boot Camp even if you decide not to participate in the Facebook group. The bulk of the program, including all the video modules, bonuses, and coaching calls, are delivered online on a private Boot Camp website entirely separate from Facebook.