Is it reasonable to have 2 oz. of seeds? That seems like an awful lot of seeds.

Yes, 2 oz. of seeds is a lot of seeds. The only time it seems reasonable is if you make your dinner salad, which can be huge, and add 2 oz. of seeds. That works pretty well. Otherwise, here’s what I do: I typically cut my proteins in half, and do half seeds with half of some other kind of protein. But for breakfast, 1 oz. of seeds is still a lot. I like to use ground seeds. I make my own mixture of ground chia, flax, and sesame seeds, and grind enough at one time to last for 2-3 weeks. After I’ve cooked my oatmeal, I add 1/2 oz. of my ground seed mix and sprinkle on 1/2 oz. of mixed nuts. I typically cook my oatmeal in 4 oz. of non-dairy milk (almond, soy, or the like), which rounds out the protein.