Is there anything that I should do before I start the Bright Line Eating program?

This is what I recommend: the very first thing to do is make an appointment to see your doctor and get some blood work done. Try to get blood drawn before you actually start Bright Line Eating. Show the food plan to your doctor and make sure he or she gives you the green light. Get your blood pressure taken. Take some “before” pictures of yourself looking especially fat and miserable (the worse the better). Step on your bathroom scale and get a starting weight. Take beginning measurements if you like. If you live alone, or if your family or housemates won’t mind, clean out your fridge and cupboards of all the snack foods and anything containing sugar or flour. Then, buy your digital food scale, food journal, daily inspirational reader, and Five-Year Journal. Print off the food plan and read through the FAQs. Go grocery shopping and stock the house with tons of delicious Bright Line food. (Buy more vegetables than you think you need. I promise, they won’t rot in your fridge this time.) Whew! You’re ready to get started!