Should I participate in the Gideon Games if my Bright Lines are currently shaky?

You may feel hesitation or concern when it comes to participating in the Gideon Games. One thing to consider is that this may be the work of your isolator trying to get the best of you.

Here is some other information to think about when deciding whether the Gideon Games are right for you…

The Gideon Games are a competition, but the true purpose of the games is to bring our Lifers closer together—to create the strong bonds needed to feel safe and supported by one another. Many of our previous participants were in the same position when they joined, but with the help of the games, they found their breaks fewer and further between. With the support of their teams, they were also able to rezoom sooner than they otherwise would have.

Only one team can win, but all teams have the ability to build each other up. I truly hope you choose to participate, but I trust you to know what is best for yourself.