That size of the salad in the evening meal is pretty daunting. I’ve cut it back to 6 oz., but if I finish that and I feel I can handle it, can I have some more as an add-on?

Hmmm…The “add on” of veggies at dinner is a puzzler. Here’s what I’ll say: I don’t do that. But I’m a 10 on the Susceptibility Scale and quantities are definitely an issue for me. I like to eat and eat. Eating lots of veggies is definitely healthy. So I don’t necessarily want to say, “no way, don’t ever eat more veggies,” because I think some people certainly could do it in a way that works for them. However, I know if I did that, it would disrupt my serenity. What I like so much about Bright Line Eating is it eliminates the “Will I? Won’t I? Can I? Can’t I?” game swirling around in my head. I weigh my food. I eat what’s there. Meal over. Peace of mind.

For salad, please be aware that only 2-3 oz. of it should be lettuce or bulky stuff, and the rest should be heavy things like tomatoes, carrots, cucumber, and other similar vegetables. A heavy salad is doable if you cut back on the lettuce (maybe down to 1 oz.) and use the rest of the weight for heavy, crunchy things. I would suggest first trying to find a formula for the salad and veggies that works, and stick to it. For people lower on the Susceptibility Scale, an option may be to try allowing yourself the “add-on” option and track your state of mind. I worry, though, that it could be a door to a binge. Getting up from the table to get more food after finishing your dinner is a potentially slippery slope.