This is a lot of food! I am feeling too full. Do I have to eat it all? Can I reduce the amounts?

Some people initially find the quantities seem too big, but after a brief adjustment period, they get used to it and it starts to feel normal to eat larger, abundant, healthy meals. However, you don’t want to be unduly uncomfortable. You are the best judge of whether you need to scale back the quantities a bit. Try to get to a point where you’re eating all your food at each meal and you feel comfortable afterwards. If you need to reduce the quantities in order to achieve this, the ideal approach is to decide in advance where to trim the food plan, and then at mealtime eat all your food. Vegetables are quite bulky, so a good place to start would be to reduce the veggies in 2 oz. increments at dinner, including both salad and cooked veggies, until you reach a place where you are comfortable and satisfied. Once you have reached the correct amount, this will be your Food Plan going forward. If you eat beans and lentils, you can reduce them to a 4 oz. serving. If you eat nuts and seeds, you can reduce them to 1 oz. Don’t take out too much, though, or you really won’t have enough fuel on board to function.