This is a lot of information to digest, will it always be like this?

We can understand the number of emails and the amount of information you receive in the beginning can seem overwhelming. If this is the case, please take a deep breath and just take it one step at a time. We promise, it will not always be like this. After the first week or so, once you have gotten the hang of the program, everything should start falling into place. Although everything we send you is important, if you are feeling overwhelmed, here’s a brief outline of the need-to-know information.


  1. The best emails to read fully would be the “WELCOME to the Boot Camp!!!” and “Welcome to the Online Support Community” emails. These will help you log into the Boot Camp website and your Facebook House.
  2. Some important things to know about the Boot Camp website:
    1. You will find a starter list** of recommended foods, as well as the full meal plan, in the Weight Loss Food Plan PDF. This document is located on the “Home” page of the Boot Camp website, as well as on the “Downloads” page.
      1. Page 2 of this document offers a list of recommended proteins.
      2. Page 3 offers grains, fruits, and vegetables.
      3. Page 4 offers fats and condiments.
        **Note: This is not a comprehensive list, but rather something to get you going until you are familiar with the plan.
    2. You can find the different pages of the Boot Camp website within the menus at the top of the site. The menu options include:
      1. “Home” – Welcome Video; documents needed to get started
      2. “Modules” – Weekly video modules from Susan
      3. “Calls” – Schedule and recordings of Coaching Calls
      4. “Downloads” – All documents needed to complete the Boot Camp
      5. “Resources” – Books and other resources recommended by Susan
      6. “FAQs” – Frequently asked questions about the Boot Camp, meal plans, and anything to do with BLE
      7. “Bonuses” – Cookbooks, webinars, and other bonus materials offered throughout the Boot Camp
      8. “Research” – Weekly surveys (Note: this menu option is visible only if you’re participating in the research program.)
  3. A module is a video “lesson” that Susan uses to teach the Bright Line Eating method. The first module will soon be available on the “Modules” page (click on “Boot Camp Materials” at the top of the Boot Camp website, and then click on “Modules”). This is also where you will find the new module every week. Each one runs about 90 minutes.
  4. If you have not already done so, please watch Susan’s Welcome Video on the “Home” page of the Boot Camp website. This can be a great help in getting acclimated to our program.

You can also reach out to Bright Line Support at any time by filling out the form here.