What are some recommended methods to prepare tofu and tempeh?

Here are some of my favorite methods:

  1. Buy “extra firm” tofu and dry it on paper towels, pressing out as much water as possible. Then cut it into square slabs about 1/2 cm thick. Heavily spray a pan with olive oil spray and cover the bottom of the pan with a thin layer of soy sauce. Place the slabs of tofu in the pan and cook on high heat until the soy sauce has pretty much evaporated, to get the tofu a little crispy. Next, put more soy sauce over the top and turn the slabs over, cooking again until crispy. Yum!
  2. Try out several varieties of already-marinated tofu. Many grocery stores have packages of tofu that are pre-seasoned and pre-marinated. SoyBoy has good options like the “Italian” style and the “Smoky Tofu” style. Check your local grocery store. Read the ingredients carefully. If there are no sweeteners listed in the first three ingredients, they are fine.
  3. For tempeh, try “Fakin Bacon Smokey Tempeh Strips.” They are already marinated and ready to go. Just microwave or heat up in a pan. Yum!!!