What are the benefits of chewing rather than blending our food?

Digestion starts in the mouth, where enzymes in saliva begin breaking down your food. Blended food goes into your system faster and it’s processed faster, so there’s less time for the release of nutrients. Blended food results in a bigger rush of glucose into the bloodstream (followed by a bigger release of insulin as a result), which will slow or reverse the healing of your brain and keep your cravings alive. Also, you may get hungry more quickly, as research shows that the faster a meal is eaten, the less satiety (fullness) results. Typically, blended foods are consumed 2-20 times faster than whole foods that require a lot of chewing. Also, there is research that shows that chewing your food promotes neurogenesis in the hippocampus. Neurogenesis is the growth and development of new neurons. It reduces depression, staves off dementia, and improves memory and other important cognitive functions. For these reasons, we advise that you focus on consuming whole, unprocessed food.