What are the Four Bright Lines?

  1. No sugar
    1. Whole, fresh fruit is okay, but fruit juice and dried fruit are not, nor are any artificial or added sweeteners such as honey, agave, stevia, maple syrup, dextrose, sucralose, aspartame, saccharine, and similar products.
  2. No flour
    1. …of any kind. Not even whole grain flour, oat flour, almond flour, or coconut flour. It’s the processing that dictates how it will affect our brains.
  3. Weighed and measured quantities
    1. Food is either weighed with a digital food scale, or a “one plate, no seconds” rule can be adopted.
  4. Eating only meals
    1. For most people it’s three meals a day with nothing in between. Snacking and grazing are not allowed.