What are the “Four S’s” for successfully rezooming after a break in my Bright Lines?

1) Speed – Get back on track as quickly as possible. Don’t wait until Monday morning or the first of the month. Rezoom immediately, with the next meal if possible. The remaining 3 “S’s” will help with that.

2) Self-Talk – Practice developing a neutral, curious, loving inner voice. Talk with yourself the way you would talk with a beloved friend or family member who was struggling. Notice if you speak harshly to yourself, and patiently work to develop a gentler tone.

3) Social Support – Reach out to someone who understands and is a good listener, ideally someone who also does Bright Line Eating. The pull to isolate and “get back on track yourself” is likely to be strong; overcome that by putting out a call for support quickly.

4) Seek the Lesson – Every break can be turned into a breakthrough. There is a lesson in this experience, and it will make your Bright Line Eating program stronger. Write out your answers to the Permission to be Human Action Plan