What effects does Bright Line Eating have on the brain?

When you do Bright Line Eating, the brain rewires in five ways:

  1. Insulin spikes stop, and baseline insulin levels begin to lower. This causes the leptin which is already circulating in your blood to be seen by the brain stem and the hypothalamus, signaling feelings of fullness and satiety, along with the motivation to get active and expend energy.
  2. Dopamine receptors in the nucleus accumbens which had been depleted and downregulated start to replenish. This causes intense food cravings to become less and less powerful over time until, ultimately, they completely fade away.
  3. With Bright Lines in place, the brain stops hounding you for treats and exceptions. This goes along with the example of the kid in the checkout aisle of the grocery store who begs and begs for candy until the parent gives in. Even if the parent says no almost all of the time, an occasional yes will result in more begging for years to come. Intermittent reinforcement causes the child to keep asking because he/she keeps thinking the payoff might be right around the corner. Similarly, your brain hounds you for treats and rewards because you have a history of eventually giving in. However, if you keep true to the Bright Lines and stop providing your brain with intermittent reinforcement, the food thoughts will eventually cease.
  4. Research shows that when you undergo a program to modify a habit, your brain becomes more resistant to willpower depletion. You won’t get more willpower at the outset, but the stressors of life that generally deplete willpower won’t affect you as strongly. Becoming more robust in the face of temptations and frustrations will spill over into other areas of your life in a very rewarding way.
  5. The habits you build in this program become completely automatic. They will eventually take no resources or forethought, and maintaining a healthy, right-sized body will be as easy as brushing your teeth.