What happens after I register?

Once your registration is complete, you will be taken to our Research Opt-In video. This video will explain our current research project and give you the option to participate.
You will then receive a series of emails, including:

  1. BLE Order Receipt
    1. Your purchase receipt
  2. WELCOME to the Boot Camp!!!
    1. A welcome note from Susan
    2. Boot Camp website link
    3. Login information
    4. General information on what to expect
  3. Your Next Steps for the Boot Camp!
    1. Instructions on how to get started
    2. Overview of Boot Camp website and how to access information
    3. Items you will need to begin the Boot Camp
    4. How to ask questions and get information
    5. What to do before getting started
  4. Welcome to the Online Support Community
    1. Instructions on accessing your Boot Camp Facebook House

If you do not receive these emails within an hour of your purchase, please request assistance by filling out the form here to ensure there is no issue with your registration.