What happens if I’m unaware that I’ve broken a Bright Line?

The only way to break the Bright Lines is to know you’re doing it. When you are not aware, you are not responsible. The minute you become aware, you become responsible. Once, I got a hivey-rashy reaction to something, and went to take some allergy medicine to help reduce the hives. I reached for my daughter’s Benadryl. I knew it would be sweetened, but assumed it would be artificially sweetened (not great, but at least not sugar). I drank the recommended adult dose of 4 teaspoons full…and it was sooooo sweet. Only then did I read the label and saw the main “other” ingredient was high fructose corn syrup. Ugh. I washed out my mouth. Did I cross the Bright Lines? Nope. I’m just living life, doing the best I can. If this happens to you, your BLE plan is still 100% clean. So is mine. We can learn from it, though—I definitely have.