What is a Boot Camp?

The Bright Line Eating Boot Camp is eight weeks full of videos, coaching calls, bonuses, and a private Online Support Community. The videos are released once a week and they include a ton of research, recommendations, and helpful information directly from Susan! The coaching calls are also held once a week and are recorded for your convenience. These are two-hour-long group calls which include anyone in the Boot Camp who wishes to attend. Facilitated by Susan, the calls are packed full of questions, comments, and concerns. (You can even submit questions in advance to possibly have them answered on the call!) Bonuses offered will include a plant-based cookbook, webinars, and other special surprises. Last, but certainly not least, our private Online Support Community—as of right now, the community is hosted on Facebook, but we hope to have our own network for support in the future. Each Boot Camp gets their own “House” in Facebook. Within this House, you can connect to fellow Boot Campers; post questions, comments, pictures, and recipes; and much more! This is going to be your home for the next eight weeks. You can participate as much or as little as you’d like. All of your fellow Boot Campers are walking the same path as you, so they are there for support when you need it.