What is the Online Support Community? Is it private?

Our Online Support Community is made up of secret, anonymous Facebook groups for people who are committed to using the four Bright Lines (sugar, flour, meals, and quantities) to lose all their excess weight and live Happy, Thin, and Free. In our experience, ongoing social connection with others following the Bright Lines is the number one factor in long-term success. People use the Online Support Community in a variety of ways—to publically commit what they’re going to eat for the day, to ask questions, to get help with meal planning, to get support around traveling or navigating tricky social situations, to celebrate successes, and much more. It’s a very loving and non-judgmental group.
The Online Support Community is actually a “secret” group in Facebook, which means it enjoys a level of anonymity beyond a mere “private” group. People who are not in the Bright Line Eating group will not be able to see anything posted in the group area. This means you and your fellow Bright Line Eaters will have a safe and secure place to hold discussions and give and receive support from one another, and no one else (including your existing or future Facebook friends) will see these discussions on your Facebook timeline. Beyond that, other people cannot locate the group with a search in Facebook, and your membership in the group will not appear on your profile. To anyone who is not a member of the group, it’s as if the group doesn’t exist.