What is the protocol for mentioning trigger foods in the Online Support Community?

I think it’s a good guiding principle to be mindful of mentioning foods that the community, in general, may find problematic. On the other hand, I hesitate to extend it to the stature of a “rule.” People who really need the Bright Line Eating (BLE) community would likely post specifics, totally unaware of the group norm, and then feel really bad about it when they discovered the norm. I’m afraid it might just be enough to shy them away from posting. I think the main thing is to not go into fantasies or details, and to refrain from posting pictures of non-BLE foods. There’s a long history of not mentioning specific foods in the BLE tradition. I even know of one 12-step food program where every meeting has a line in the format requesting people who share to not mention specific foods by name, except to say “flour” and “sugar” as some people might find it triggering.

The reality is we will be confronted with these foods all the time—maybe even every day. The recovering heroin addict can probably rearrange his or her life to avoid direct contact with their drug of choice, but the recovering food addict doesn’t have a prayer of coming anywhere close. Thus, developing a thick skin can be helpful.

So generally, I’m on the side of “both/and.” Let’s avoid mentioning specific trigger foods unless, for whatever reason, we find it really helpful or necessary, and let’s also allow for others to mention them, if and when they will, and rejoice at the growth that results as we get more and more immune to the words and concepts of, “That’s not my food. That’s poison to me.”