What should my goal weight be?

Here are the factors I consider:

  1. How I feel in my body. Specifically, there’s a weight where my body becomes invisible to me. I’m not thinking about it anymore at all, one way or another. When I gain just a couple/few pounds, I notice and don’t feel right-sized anymore. I put on pants and turn sideways to see how they look. There’s a pooch there I don’t like. My clothes feel a little snug. My shirts cling in the middle. When I get to a weight that is correct for me, all that fades away and I almost never ever think about or notice my body one way or another. I’m just living life—gotta love that!
  2. I like the thought of being a stable size. In the past, when I was imagining an ideal number, I never considered that, but today I’m a spot-on size. I can order out of a catalog. Very convenient.
  3. I personally would probably like to get thinner, but two factors prevent it. First, I’m already not eating very much food, so it seems my body doesn’t want to go much lower. Second, when I lose more weight, many people think I look too thin. I’m not peddling anorexia, I’m peddling Happy, Thin, and Free. Having a frame that repels people because of its bones and angles isn’t something we aspire to in Bright Line Eating.

If you have ever been at an ideal weight as an adult, even if that was in high school, that’s probably your goal weight. If you’ve never been in a right-sized body as an adult, you can Google various “ideal weight” formulas online, but keep in mind everyone’s body is different and you may want to adjust the number as you get closer.