What types of flour are allowed?

The Bright Line for flour includes all flour. It is not the ingredient, but rather the process of grinding and refining the ingredient into its finest form that triggers the addictive reaction in the brain. We do not eat any kind of flour, including those listed below:

All-purpose flour
Almond flour
Amaranth flour
Barley flour
Bread flour
Buckwheat flour
Cake flour
Chickpea flour
Coconut flour
Corn flour
Instant flour
Millet flour
Oat flour
Organic flour
Pastry flour
Pumpernickel flour
Quinoa flour
Rice flour
Rye flour
Self-rising flour
Semolina flour
Sorghum flour
Soy flour
Spelt flour
Tapioca flour
Teff flour
Unbleached white flour
Whole-wheat flour


For manufactured products such as cereals and veggie burgers, we make sure there is no flour or sugar listed in the first three ingredients.